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Cambridge Assessment International Education operates in more than 10,000 schools in over 160 countries. We are looking to support our growth by welcoming new Assessment Specialists.
We offer training and support with freelance opportunities which fit around your existing commitments. 
MA Past President David Acheson's new book!
In The Wonder Book of Geometry: A Mathematical Story, David Acheson takes the reader on a highly illustrated tour through the history of geometry, from ancient Greece to the present day. Along the way, we encounter the quirky and the unexpected, meet the great personalities involved, and uncover some of the loveliest surprises in mathematics. Available online and in shops now!
Membership Renewals
Membership Renewal Notices 2020/2021 have been issued. You can now renew online! 
Looking for a new role? Fancy being an Editor?
The Mathematical Gazette needs a new Editor for its Student Problem Corner (SPC).
Two problems are published in each issue of the Gazette, aimed at students up to the age of 19. They cover a wide range of topics ranging from geometry, analysis, combinatorics and number theory to algebra and trigonometry.
The role of SPC Editor involves choosing the problems, ensuring that they are of an appropriate standard to challenge school pupils, and then assessing the solutions which are received.
Shop - New book by Ed Southall
Geometry Juniors is an exciting exploration of shape and space in mathematics, enabling children to test their knowledge and think mathematically using open problems and discussion prompts.
Follow the journey of the characters inside to find out more about a wide variety of topics in geometry in the style of ‘what do you notice?’ questioning and discovery.
Great to read with a parent or teacher, or discover on your own at home.
Geometry Juniors is intended for use with children aged 8 and upwards and aligns with the UK Key Stage 2 and 3 Mathematics Programme of Study.
MA Members get 30% off in the shop. Don't forget to log in before you purchase.
Buy it now
Pack up a Penguin by Chris Pritchard
A brand new book by MA President Elect Chris Pritchard, Pack up a Penguin completes the journey through the geometry of common shapes and the calculation of area that began in A Square Peg in a Round Hole and continued in The Room in the Elephant.
Written to be accessible to an able and interested 18-year old, it aims to appeal to students and teachers of mathematics and to anyone with a fascination for the subject.
How should penguins huddle together to keep the Antarctic winter at bay? What has the Dutch artist, Theo van Doesburg, got to do with summing infinite series? Discover the easy way to find the area under a parabola and see how area can be used to demonstrate the standard results of algebra and trigonometry. 
MA Members get 30% off in the shop. Don't forget to log in before you purchase.
Branch News - Role Vacancy 
As usual the Branches are busy organising sessions and workshops via online platforms.
What's happening near you:
 The Chair of Branches Committee position falls vacant at the 2021 AGM.
Nominations should be forwarded to the MA Secretary, Paul Harris by 31/12/2020
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