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Cambridge Assessment International Education operates in more than 10,000 schools in over 160 countries. We are looking to support our growth by welcoming new Assessment Specialists.
We offer training and support with freelance opportunities which fit around your existing commitments. 
MA Past President David Acheson's new book!
In The Wonder Book of Geometry: A Mathematical Story, David Acheson takes the reader on a highly illustrated tour through the history of geometry, from ancient Greece to the present day. Along the way, we encounter the quirky and the unexpected, meet the great personalities involved, and uncover some of the loveliest surprises in mathematics. Available online and in shops now!
Partner with us to bring THE MATHS SHOW to schools in the United Kingdom
The Maths Show is a live performance / incursion that engages, entertains and amazes students with the wonder of maths. It has been hugely successful in Australia, and we are looking for someone to help us bring it to schools in the U.K.
This unique opportunity could suit someone looking for self employment options, a partnership, or to use our material in their existing business. Our programs are suitable for virtual / online delivery as well as COVID safe live performance. If you are interested, we’d love to hear from you.
Please contact us today:
Why should maths educators care about Black History Month?
Written by Susan Okereke and Bobby Seagull, maths teacher co-hosts of the Maths Appeal podcast. Susan is a member of the MA and Bobby is a Council trustee member of the MA.
For more than 30 years in October, Black History Month has been celebrated across the UK but why should we, as maths educators, care about Black History Month? Isn’t this the responsibility of teachers of History and Personal, Social, Health and Economics Education?
News from our Editor in Chief
During October, members should have received their copy of the Autumn issue of MA News. We hope it arrived safely as mailing also included Mathematical Pie and SYMmetryPlus. Very definitely a pack for MA members!
So, in 2020, we will be sending one more issue of MiS as it marches towards its Golden Jubilee Year!
There is also news of the November Gazette. If the Gazette is part of your MA subscription you can view it right now (click below or read further instructions HERE)!
A bonus for Gazette fans who enjoy its historical perspective; ALL copies are now available! You can see these by
clicking on "All issues" and magically a list of decades appears for you to explore.
Bill Richardson (
Latest Issue SYMmetryPlus
Read the latest Issue in the Members' Portal
Issue 73 was sent to members on October 19 and is available in the Members’ only portal.
SYMminimetryplus 3 is on the website for anyone to access. It contains a small sample of what appears in the full edition, which includes an article mentioning Terry Trotter!
Primary Mathematics Challenge
Last few packs of PMC papers available!
Order yours today!
Online packs will be available to purchase until 18th November.
Members price:                            Non-Members price:
1-4 Packs £5.25 each                  1-4 Packs £7.50 each
5-99 Packs £4.90 each                5-99 Packs £7.00 each
100+ Packs £3.50 each               100+ Packs £5.00 each
For bulk orders email your purchase order to
Branch News 
As usual the Branches are busy organising sessions and workshops via online platforms.
Whats happening near you:

The Chair of Branches Committee position falls vacant at the 2021 AGM.
Nominations should be forwarded to the MA Secretary, Paul Harris by 31/12/2020
MA/ATM Primary Committee
The Joint Primary Group of the ATM and the MA welcome the cancelling of Reception baseline testing in September 2020 and, in common with a wide range of Early Years experts, urge the Government to abandon the Reception baseline altogether.
Our reasons are outlined in this statement....
Read on here
Maths Week England (MWE)
9th - 14th November 2020
We are proud to support MWE. MWE aims to raise the profile of mathematics throughout England by changing the conversation about maths to be more positive!
Children and adults from all socio-economic backgrounds should be able to access and enjoy interesting mathematical experiences, and MWE helps support teachers to plan special low-cost high-impact maths activities at their own schools during Maths Week!
Find out more
Institution Membership Renewals
Institution Membership Renewal Notices 2020/2021 have been issued. Don't forget to renew!
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